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  1. Amelia Bedelia, Rocket Scientist? (I Can Read Level 2)

    When Amelia Bedelia helps out at the school science fair, she finds an exploding volcano, some UFOs, and a mad scientist!
  2. Amelia Bedelia's Masterpiece (I Can Read Level 2)

    When Amelia Bedelia goes to the art museum, she meets Art, helps Drew draw, and busts a bust. She also foils a theft, bakes a cake, and saves the day. Is there anything Amelia Bedelia can't do?
  3. Peppa Pig: Fairy Tale Little Library

    Peppa Pigs: Fairy Tale Little Library’ is essentially a collection of six Peppa Pig books packed together in a beautifully designed slipcase box. The book is apt for readers from the age of 3-6 years old. Each book has been written in an illustrative manner. The paperback books are light for the children to hold and hence can easily be carried. Each book contains a jig-saw puzzle at the end which is definitely what the children will look forward too.
  4. Peppa Pig: The Biggest Muddy Puddle in the World Picture Book

    Peppa and George wake up one morning to find that all the rain has made a flood, and their house is now on an island! This beautiful picture book is full of Peppa Pig humour and charm and will no doubt become a classic.
  5. Ladybird Stories for 5 Year Olds

    Ladybirds Stories for 5 Year Olds is a colourful book packedwith three funny, imaginative stories that are just right for theattention span of the age group. It can be dipped in and out of fora quick short story, and is perfect for sharing with preschoolersboth at bedtime and nap time.
  6. Peppa Pig: The Story of Prince George

    The fairytale story of Prince George the Brave and his royal pet dragon. One for all you Prince George fans! Once, long ago, there was a brave knight called Prince George. He lived in a castle with his sister, Princess Peppa, and a cook and a wizard. But one day a fearsome dragon appeared. How did George save the day? Listen to Granny Pig’s bedtime story to find out. We love little princes called George. Don’t you?
  7. Disney Pixar Storybook Collection

    This awesome collection of stories is sure to please any Pixar fan. Features six exciting movie stories including Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur, Toy Story3 and Cars. Children will love listening to these thrilling tales again and again.
  8. Peppa Pig: Let's Go Shopping Peppa

    Do you secretly love riding in a supermarket trolley, looking at yummy things? So does Peppa Pig, and there’s nothing secret about it! Mummy Pig only wants to get the things on her shopping list. No extras. But when they get to the checkout, something else has turned up in the trolley. Can you guess what? If you love the bright displays and yummy treats of a supermarket trip, you’ll adore this funny story. A sweet delight.
  9. Disney Pixar Finding Dory

    In Finding Dory, It's been one year since Dory helped Marlin recuse his son Nemo. The three of them have now become very close friends. One day when Dory remembers where her parents live, she, Marlin and Nemo head off on an epic quest to find them. Their journey leads to them a Marine Life Institute where they begin a hilarious and heartwarming search and meet some new friends.
  10. Disney Ultimate Family Treasury

    Disney Ultimate Family Treasury Includes well-loved Disney and Pixar characters including: Toy Story, Winnie the Pooh, the Little Mermaid, the Lion King, Alice in Wonderland, Bambi, Pinocchio, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Jungle Book, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty and many more
Showing 1 to 10 of 630 total
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