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Set Ascending Direction
  1. Factivity Blast Off On a Mission to Explore Space

    New space title with educational content made fun! Part of a series of interactive, fully illustrated reference/activity books, where learning content is cleverly integrated with on-the-page activities and space experiments to engage young readers.
  2. Dot-to-Dot Famous Faces

    Dot-to-Dot Famous Faces featuring upto 2,000 dots and they can also be coloured in and torn out as each page is perforated. The puzzles feature prominent faces from history, like Albert Einstein, as well as big names from present day, such as Kim Kardashian and Barack Obama.
  3. Learn to Play Drums (Step By Step Guide)

    Learn to Play Drums (Step By Step Guide) gives an introduction to the basics of Playing Drums .
  4. How To Improve At Fishing

    How To Improve At Fishing
  5. 150 Great Science Experiments

    This title contains experiments that are fun to do and make science delightfully accessible.Ingenious, Easy-to-do Projects Explore and Explain the Wonders of Science and Technology.Every project is introduced, described and explained, providing a wealth of scientific insight.
  6. Klutz - Nail Art

    With our six water-based, non-toxic, peel-off paints, girls can decorate their nails with any design imaginable - bumblebees, berries, butterflies, bears, and baseballs\. and that's just the beginning.
  7. The Klutz Guide to the Galaxy (Klutz Guides)

    Explore the universe without leaving your backyard. This cosmic tool kit has all the facts and galactic gadgets you need: a build-it-yourself telescope, night-sight flashlight that lets your eyes stay adjusted to the dark, star and moon maps, a mariner’s quadrant, and tons of cool tips and activities for navigating the vastness of space.
  8. The Klutz Twisted Critters: The Pipe Cleaner Book

    With custom made pipe cleaners, such as extra fuzzy and striped, and instructions that are broken down into five easy-to-master moves, our cuddly caterpillars and fire-breathing finger-puppet dragon will quickly get you twisting
  9. Klutz Brilliant Bead Rings Book Kit

    Simply string shimmering beads on flexible wire to form totally durable, totally adorable, totally fashionable rings.
  10. Klutz Sticker Design Studio: Create Your Own Custom Stickers Craft Kit

    Hundreds of die-cut designs let girls create their own unique stickers to decorate everything from binders to diaries to lunch bags. Comes with 8 markers, 14 sheets of stickers (4 with glitter)
Showing 1 to 10 of 1539 total
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