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Young Readers Illustrated Books

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  1. Leadership and Self Deception

    by The Arbinger Institute.This book is an international bestseller that became has a phenomenon through word-of-mouth since it was first published over a decade ago. In fact, instead of sales slowing down, it grew every year since 2004 compared to the statistics in the first four years of publication. The book essentially offers one insight, which is that the key to leadership lies not in what we do, but in who we are. This mantra has been known to help people with their organisational skills, leadership, as well as their personal lives.This book has been revised to make sure that it is more compelling and readable. It draws on the massive correspondence that the readers have had with the authors over the years. It even has a section that highlights the ways that the readers have been using this book, particularly in five specific areas such as personal growth and development, accountability, conflict resolution, team building, and hiring.The book uses an amusing and enjoyable story about an executive who is facing challenges at home and work, and exposes the subtle psychological process that hide people’s true motivations and intentions from themselves and trap them in a loop of endless self-justification because they are convinced that they are doing the right thing. The book also provides a solution to escape the loop. Readers will learn how to constantly act on their instinctive sense to tap into what is right. It also helps them improve their relationships quickly.Leadership And Self Deception was published by Collins-Bk in 2012. This book is available in paperback.Key Features:This book has a section that helps readers apply the lessons taught in this book in real life.
  2. Pride and Prejudice: Om Illustrated Classics

    This classic novel answers all this as Jane Austenskillfully weaves various themes that were quintessential to the livesof the landed gentry in early 19th century England.
  3. Dracula : Om Illustrated Classics

    Packed with action, thrill and horror,and written in an epistolary form, this mother-of-all gothic novels isa classic page-turner.
  4. The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Om Illustrated Classics

    A timeless classic favourite with every generation written by Victor Hugo. This abridged version of the book has been presented with an easy language and good illustration to maintain the interest of young readers in the book. Illustrations help readers to connect with the book, hence it is provided for every important moment in the book.
  5. The Wizard of Oz: Om Illustrated Classics

    Dorothy and her faithful dog, Toto, get caught in a cyclone which takes them from their home to the mystical land of Oz.Will Dorothy ever find her way back home?
  6. The Time Machine: Om Illustrated Classics

    .The book is a work of great imagination that can be read and appreciated by fans of both Science Fiction and Non-Science Fiction.
  7. The Hound of the Baskervilles : Om Illustrated Classics

    It is an excellent introduction to a very popular classic, which will help develop the reading habit in children.The adapted edition of the well-known classic written in simple language makes it accessible to young readers.The detailed illustrations on almost every alternate page add to the reading experience of the reader.Author's biography, character sketches and questions at the end of the classic make the reading experience more informative.
  8. Robinson Crusoe : Om Illustrated Classics

    Will Robinson Crusoe be able to survive on the Island? Were all these years of toil and caution in vain? Who is the savage, Friday? Will he help Crusoe or finish him? Read it all in the fascinating pages of this eternal classic.
  9. Jane Eyre : Om Illustrated Classics

    Jane Eyre is a nineteenth century proto feminist novel by Charlotte Bronte. It is a radical story of Jane Eyre, an unwanted orphan girl who is sent to live in a charity school by her aunt
  10. Frankenstein: Om Illustrated Classics

    Published just one year before Emily Brontë’s untimely death, her only novel shocked Victorian reviewers with its vivid depictions of passion and brutality. It is now considered a masterpiece of English literature and one of the most enduring romances of all time.
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