The Knights of Silversnow (Secrets of Droon - 16)

Author: Tony Abbott

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    The Secrets of Droon is a children's fantasy book series written by Tony Abbott.Three children named Eric, Julie, and Neal discover a magical world called Droon in Eric's basement. Throughout the series, they work with princess Keeah, the wizard Galen, a spider troll Max, and other Droon citizens to defend Droon from the evil sorcerer Lord Sparr. In later books, Sparr is supplanted by a new villain named Emperor Ko, an ancient enemy of Droon. Near the end, Ko's right-hand dragon, Gethwing, supplants him.

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    Snow in the Summer? Eric-Neal and Julie are headed back to Droon to fix the mess they made with the Wand of Urik. Even though it's summertime back home-the gang's new adventures get them all snowy in the ice hills of Droon. In a hidden castle there-they must wake Droon's last hope against evil-Lord Sparr-the famous knights of Silver Snow.Graphic novels gives a vivid experience of the whole scenario of the reading book. Illustrated story books & Comic novels for children are packed with adventure mixed with fiction to fascinate young readers and middle grade reader in learning more of life adventure. Collect all Secrets of Droon series books and enjoy reading., the online children's store have wide range of children's fiction, action, humour, crime,Illustrated story books, detective,Fantasy book collections. We offer the comfort to pick your favorite series books with just one click and collect with free shipping charges all over Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah UAE. For series book reading maniac, we offer discount when you buy more. Order online the children's fiction & fantasy collections and avail discount on each book, the best price for series books ever in Dubai. Why not gift for friends the Secrets of Droon series on their Birthday !!!!!!!!

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    Additional information

    NameThe Knights of Silversnow (Secrets of Droon - 16)
    DetailsReading level: 7 - 8 years----- Paperback: 128 pages----- Publisher: Scholastic Incorporated----- Language: English----- ISBN-13: 9780439306096----- Product Dimensions: 19.4 x 13.4 x 0.8 cm
    Gift catogeryNo
    PublisherScholastic Incorporated
    Book TypeReading books
    AuthorTony Abbott
    FormatPaper Back


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